Repurposed Life

Discovering a New Way

I have started writing this blog to share my story with anyone who wants to open their mind, quiet the noise and live a happier, more complete and less stressful life.  As I am learning about mindfulness, meditation, yoga and self-discovery; I have embarked on a path of hope that I had never imagined was possible.

This journey is difficult, though.  It is tough to change the habits and patterns that we have trained our brain to follow through the many years of struggling with life so far.  However, I am finding that meditation and mindfulness can open new insight into why we do what we do, and the destructive powers of our actions and words on our own happiness and those around us.

I welcome you to journey with me as I explore, fail, discover, struggle, question and learn about how to bring peace and joy into everyday moments; while working towards a more fulfilling life by finding out who I really am and using my strengths and passions to shape the future.