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DIY: Repurposed Vintage Window with Etched Glass and Chalkboard Paint

Hello, and welcome to RePurpose M.E. DIY.

Our latest creation was by far the most fun and the most advance piece we’ve put together yet.  But still, so easy!  Below are some step by step instructions to make your own repurposed vintage window project.

P.S If you’d rather skip the work, you can buy this piece from our Etsy store RePurpose M.E. Goods.  Check it out!

Step 1: Buy or have a vintage farmhouse window

It only needs at least 1 in-tact pane of glass to add the etching. (Tip: you can vary your project based on whatever window is available to you, 2 pane, 4 pane, 6 pane or even 1 pane!)

Step 2: Etching the glass.

I can’t believe how easy and beautiful this technique is.  Once you try it, you will be hooked.  Check out Pinterest Glass Etching Board for links to detailed instructions as well as other glass etching project ideas.

NOTE: Notice there are 2 panes of glass in this window at this point…when my husband removed, cleaned and subsequently cracked the bottom pane of glass, we had to regroup and come up with a new plan.  Tip – Be flexible!

Step 3: Sanding and cleaning and painting and IMG_20180423_120702sanding.

As with any painting project, your first step is to prep the surface by sanding away old varnish, paint, and other yuckies.  After sanding, we spray paint with a vibrant blue (use masking tape and newspaper to cover the glass from overspray).  No need to be exact, most of the imperfections will again be sanded away.  Finally, re-sand and finish with the appropriate distressing.

Step 4: Adding the chalkboard and hooks.

This was our first successful chalkboard paint project.  We followed some directions found online and after sanding and coating a thin 1/8 in wood pressed board with several coats, we allowed the paint to set for 3 whole days.  Then we rubbed the side of a piece of chalk all over the entire board and wiped clean with a dry cloth.   Vintage metal hooks match the rustic look and add extra functionality.

Step 5: Secure the back and add hardware for hanging.

This was the most challenging part, but we managed a good secure edge with a combination of wood glue and tiny nails using some leftover 1/4 in square trim.  We used brass keyhole hangers placed 16″ apart across the top for hanging the window on the wall.

Voilà! Our finished product! This vintage window frame is now a beautiful rustic wall hanging, message chalkboard and coat rack.  This darling piece is great for an entryway, kitchen, office or bedroom.  Great gift for a wedding, new home, mother’s day or anniversary.