Repurpose and DIY

Don’t Toss, Re Use

Check out these super great Repurposing ideas. Thanks Kelley’s DIY!


Before you toss away that egg carton or piece of old rug, think of something else you can use it for. Stuck? Well here are some wonderful reuses of those trash items.


Use an Old Eyeglass Case for Hardware Storage

Do you have a bunch of old eyeglass cases that you don’t use anymore?  I re purposed them to store small things like drill bits and screws. I keep it in my toolbox until needed. It’s so much easier having them all together in one place, and not have to dig around everywhere to find the right bit.


Bread Tabs

Not sure which cord goes with which electronic device plugged into your power strip? Save yourself the hassle of following the cord from the plugin to the device for each item you need to move by labeling them. Plastic bread tabs are perfect for labeling cords that are plugged into…

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