Repurposed Life

What if you were good enough?

What if, for once in your life, you were good enough?

At everything you do and everything you are.

You were making just the right amount of money.

You had just the right group of friends.

Your house was big enough, and clean enough, and stylish enough.

You were just the right kind of parent.

You were just at the right point in your career.

You had just the right work life balance.

And you spent just the right amount of time with everyone you were supposed to.

What if you could finally take a break from all that judgment and self-criticism? How many countless hours of doubt, misgiving and uncertainty would be reclaimed if you were ok with yourself and the decisions you make? In every area and every way, would you be free to pursue your passions and indulge in your dreams?

What if you were free to just be you? Right now. Without changing a thing.


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