About RePurpose M.E.

Hi, we are Mike and Elizabeth, aka M.E.

So, this site is really about repurposing Mike and Elizabeth.

But it is also a site about repurposing you, the reader.

It is a site where we will compile and collaborate on all of our ideas, inspirations, stories, tips, tricks, successes and failures.

It is for like minded individuals to come and read about, explore and comment on the ideas we’re sharing.

It is a site where you can find tutorials, tips, suggestions and ideas, reflections, poetry, theories and beliefs; all with the intention of repurposing, redesigning and rethinking the life you are living today.

RePurpose M.E. Goods, our Etsy site, represents our expression of functional art in the form of several repurposed, vintage and unique home décor items.  All of our items are made with as many repurposed materials as we can find, from hardware purchased at estate sales, reclaimed barnwood, antique windows and roadside discoveries.  We also incorporate our unique artistic styles into pieces with custom paintings, stencils and designs.  Please help support our journey to pursue our passions by bringing some repurposed treasure into your home.