What the...?

What the….? Tornado tools

My 3 year old: The teacher told us today to hide under the table and cover our heads with our hands.

Me: Oh, did you have a tornado drill at school today?

3 year old: No, it was a tornado wrench. Or a tornado hammer, I don’t know, some kind of tornado tool….

What the…? LMAO! That one took me a minute

What the...?

What the… Painted doors

This falling asleep space for my 3 year old tends to bring on some unusual thoughts. From last night’s session:

“Mom, would you rather have a painted door?”

Me: “Rather than what, honey?”

“Rather than a brown one.”

Hmmmm. Then a few minutes later…

“Would you rather hide or paint doors?”

What sick person is forcing my 3 year old to paint doors all day long????

What the…?